This iPad app allows your child to basically interact with a book. We love this app and have spent tons of time chasing that Green Splosh around through the story. Below is the description from the developers website.

Green Splosh is a vibrant and engaging interactive story app from Punflay for high-energy preschoolers and beginners. The app seeks to reinforce fundamental number concepts through play and story. Its simple racy story, bright, vibrant graphics and engaging interaction are certain to keep your child fully involved while they learn to count and associate number names with numbers. 

The story revolves around Splosh, a blob of paint that spills out of young Ken’s paint bottles. But while paint blobs usually remain messy splotches on paper, this one gets animated and runs away, with Ken and his clumsy cat, Kitty Kat, giving hot chase. Splosh runs down roads and fields, parks and gardens, and even an old castle till a small accident returns him to Ken. While participating in Splosh’s adventures, and laughing at his antics and mischief, the user learns to count objects, and associate them with number names. 

Following the pedagogy of learning by doing, the app draws the attention of its young audience to numbers of objects on every screen and helps them associate numbers with number names and numerals. The immersive environment and the fun interaction will not only hold kids’ attention but bring them back again and again. The variety of interactions that include sliding, flicking, tapping, tilting and rubbing will encourage kids to explore, discover and delight in the fun hidden for them in every screen. Altogether an experience that will be both fun and educational for your little ones. 

Key features
Counting activities on every screen
A musical fence to play on
Cool physics features 
Variety of interactions like tap, flick, paint and slide 
Educational content embedded in the story
Colorful vivid illustrations
Voiceovers for narration and dialogue

This is a great app for small children (or even the big kids). You are presented with 2 pages of animals with 12 animals per page and one page of vehicles. The concept is simple, you click on a picture of the animal or vehicle and the app tells you what it is and makes the sound of the particular item. The settings on the iPad app let you choose from English, Spanish, German and Chinese languages.

Vist the developer here to download the app: